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Three ways in which artificial intelligence is making H.R managers job easy.

Aug 18 • 3 min read

A machine performing tasks almost as intelligently as the cerebrum of the human brain is artificial intelligence in a nutshell.  

It is almost ironic that the software which picked up recurrent learning from human knowledge should now be more effective than humans at ‘thinking’.

Artificial intelligence is taking huge strides in almost every domain imaginable and has made its way into the Human Resource Industry as well; which comes as no surprise.

Contrary to popular belief, Artificial Intelligence doesn’t put the H.R. employees out of their job; it instead makes their job easier.

Here are three ways AI makes life simpler for the H.R. staff.

Hiring the workforce

Gone are the days when H.R. employees used to resort to the cumbersome activity of looking through each applicant’s resume and select the perfect candidates for an even more cumbersome and time-consuming interview process.

Nowadays intelligent AI algorithms are used to automate the mundane task of sifting through hundreds of CV manually. These data-driven technologies are designed to replicate the human thought process involved in taking a decision, minus the underlying bias that is characteristic of the human decision making.

The human mind most definitely is subjected to a lot of emotional responses while interviewing candidates, which in turn can create bias attributed to the interviewee’s race, background, ethnicity, etc.

A silver-tongued candidate, albeit incompetent, can sway the mind of the interviewer but not of an intelligent AI driven computer program. This can avoid the recruiting of candidates who are not suited for a particular role, thus simplifying and optimizing the recruitment process to the best possible degree.

Managing and Engaging the workforce

Performance appraisal of the newly employed as well as the senior staff entails a lot of burdensome assessment of the annual surveys which often produces erroneous results.

A.I. produces real-time data to assist the HR leader to measure employee engagement and identify problem areas, by predicting workforce trends. This helps increase employee productivity and assist HR leaders to retain and motivate hard-working employees and to lay-off the non-performers in-case of the continued negligence of duty on their part.

This builds an environment of optimism and growth in the workplace, where employees are valued and given positive reinforcement to keep doing excellent work. The evolution of AI technology further into Machine learning has created more avenues for growth.

AI Powered HR chatbots

Several prospering startups are adopting Intelligent HR chatbots, powered by AI technology, to cater to the queries of users.

These HR chatbots learn from previous conversations and provide features like an endless conversation with users, 24*7 availability and prompt response; thus easing the burden on the HR team to constantly be present in front of the computer screen in the event of an ongoing conversation with a user.

It saves effort and can assist the user anytime, regardless of time.

So industries all over the world are leveraging AI/ML to suit their recruitment, employee engagement and other HR needs.

This has resulted in a decreased amount of effort and time taken to accomplish tasks and increase in workforce productivity, by simplifying the recruitment process, estimating growth trends and improving prediction models.