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The Supply Chain Stuff is Really Tricky!

Jul 09 • 2 min read

They say that one should keep their friends close, enemy closer and suppliers the closets. However, in this dynamically evolving world, it is not only difficult but next to impossible to have all your suppliers close. This is precisely where supply chain management comes into the picture. Over the years the field has seen some dramatic changes with the acceptance of the concept of the supply chain as opposed to logistics being the very first. Over the years supply chain has grown into a distinct discipline of its own and now incorporates philosophy from Lean and Six Sigma.

As competitions in the industry become more fierce and our suppliers more global, technology is playing an ever more important role in keeping the supply chain from falling apart. With proper communication and effective monitoring being the key to an effective supply chain management system integrating technology can help us in more ways than we can think off:

Tracking and monitoring:

Setting up geofences and fitting your supply vehicles with GPS trackers
would not only ease the process of tracking all the vehicles in your fleet but also reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized stops.

Cloud-based data sharing on route conditions & management/maintenance
of fleet vehicles.


Utilizing Machine Learning algorithms to track driver behaviour and suggest necessary improvements for increased efficiency.

Using analytical tools to effectively sort and distribute packages and plot the most effective delivery route and schedule.


Developing robust communication protocol to ensure steady, consistent and
smooth flow of information to the customer at all times.

Utilization of technology for better visualization of data, improving methods of handling big data and pushing for real-time and transparent analytics for customer and employees.