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Cybersecurity is shifting towards data centric security in the fast pace digital economy

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Attack external threats. Play data safe

Companies backing on data are investing resources and ideas to pull more data to forecast for better. Enterprises must build cyber resilience to safeguard the valuable asset from external threats if they are willing to accomplish. Whether it's retail industry, healthcare, banking, and financial institutions or as small as the Internet of things devices all are predisposed to threats.

The data breach is inevitable, untraceable and unknowable. Let's jump and see some quick facts 61% of enterprises say they cannot detect breach attempts today without the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

48% say their budgets for Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity will increase by an average of 29% in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020.

21% said their organization experienced a cybersecurity breach leading to unauthorized access in 2018.

Enterprises are paying a heavy price for cybersecurity breaches: 20% report losses of more than $50 million.

Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity will secure the enterprises and provide the freedom to grow without worrying about external attacks in the competitive space.

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