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(A) These Terms apply to your use of theWebsite. By accessing and using theWebsite:

  • you agree to these Terms; and
  • where your access and use is on behalf of another person (e.g. a company), you confirm that you are authorised to, and do in fact, agree to these Terms on that person’s behalf and that, by agreeing to these Terms on that person’s behalf,that person is bound by these Terms.

(B) If you do not agree to these Terms, you are not authorised to access and use theWebsite, andyou must immediately stop doing so

2. Changes

(A) We may change these Terms at any time by updating them on the Website. Unless stated otherwise, any change takes effect immediately. You are responsible for ensuring you are familiar with the latest Terms. By continuing to access andusetheWebsite, you agree to be bound by the changed Terms.

(B) We may change, suspend, discontinue, or restrict access to, the Websitewithout notice or liability.

3. Definitions

In these Terms:

  • including and similarwords do not imply any limit
  • Loss includes loss of profits, savings, revenue or data, and anyotherclaim, damage, loss, liability and cost, including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis
  • personal informationmeans information about an identifiable, living person
  • Terms means these terms and conditions titled Website Terms of Use
  • Underlying Systemmeans any network, system, software, data or material that underlies or is connected to the Website
  • User ID means a unique name and/or password allocated to you toallow you toaccesscertain parts ofthe Website
  • We, us or our means "Calcun Technologies Pvt. Ltd."
  • Website means ""